I Won't Settle For Any Less Than The Best.

fluorescntadolescent said: hi i love your blog! i have a new thinspo blog called byebyelbss, can you please tell your followers that i am following back ALL thinspo blogs and can you maybe recommend some? x

Ofcourse darling!


Anonymous said: hey please help me, my mum keeps bringing home junk and i can't seem to ignore it :(

Ask your mom to stop.. Tell her youre trying to get healthy and ask her to not show you the junk food if he brings it home! Goodluck love

Anonymous said: Are you currently a fat bitch?


unusualaddict said: You wanted a weight loss buddy? :) do you have myfitnesspal? :) my username is Michelleoxid

Sure!!!! :)

When Mike gives me this ring, I want to start planning our wedding not worrying about how my dress will look because im fat… 
I want to be able to get a tattoo on my hip… and when my shirt doesnt cover my whole stomach not be all self consious. 
change those habits :)