I Won't Settle For Any Less Than The Best.

desiretobeslim-deactivated20120 said: Hey sweetie, just a quick message to tell you that when I was younger I struggled ALOT with my weight but I never done anything about it. I'm finally nearing my goal and wish I started when I was young so don't give up, you got this! You're a beautiful person regardless of what you weigh but I understand that to feel beautiful you want to be comfortable and that means loosing weight. I really hope you hit your goals and i'm here if you ever want to talk about anything hunny! :) xx

Yeahh.. I wish my family would of started me on a healthy way of living BUT ya cant pick your family OR how they eat.. but now that im older and i understand I’m making healthier choices and working towards my goal. I’m glad you’re almost there!!!! Good luck!!! stay in touchhh <333 xoxo